Monday, March 26, 2007

EasterCon and World Fantasy

I've just booked Contemplation, the 2007 EasterCon in Chester (with special thanks to Roy Gray for helping me out). I've also booked World Fantasy in Saratoga Springs, New York (got a very good deal for the Amsterdam -- Newark flight).

At EasterCon I'll be mostly busy manning the Interzone dealer's table with Roy Gray. I had some big plans with Convoy which fell through when Convoy fell through (and also because of some developments in my private life), so I'm doing Contemplation more low-key (no IZ party like at LACon IV). Still, I'm looking forward to meeting old friends, and a few new ones (like Gareth Lyn Powell, whom I've only communicated with over the internet). Do feel free to come by the IZ table and talk with Roy and me. We are very communicative (even if we might try to sell you some IZ/TTA swag).

World Fantasy in Saratoga Springs will be my first World Fantasy Con. There will be plenty of good friends there, but I'm especially looking forward to meeting a lot of people who I only know online. So far, I'm not doing an IZ dealer's table there -- logistics are a nightmare -- so will mostly network and hang at the bar.

Also, sparked by Edmund Schubert's comment on my previous post, I might sugget a panel topic.

Hope to see some of you there.


Anonymous said...

See you at JL airport

Snowy said...
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