Tuesday, March 20, 2007

HUB #2 Is Released

With my story "Transcendence Express" as lead story.


This is the first time that the artwork for a story of mine is used for the cover, and the artist is nobody less than the very talented Vincent Chong. Vinnie has done quite a bit of artwork for both TTA and Interzone (amongst many others), and I'm flattered that Lee Harris chose him to illustrate my story.

For my money, he captured the essence of the story beautifully. Now I can be a little bit less jealous of Paul Meloy.

Check out HUB #2 on the HUB website (I enjoyed Sarah Edwards' "Talent Search" and David Viners' "Eight Excerpts from a Secret Interdimensional War" so far, and hope to read the rest soon), and consider buying a single copy (either the paper version or a PDF), or subscribing.


Shaun said...

Congratulations on the publication and the illustration, Jetse. I'm particularly pleased to see 'Transcendence Express' in print. I might even go through my Orbiter archives to see how it differs!

Oh, and welcome to the blogosphere - you have been linked. :)

Rob said...

Hi, Jetse. Congratulations on the sale. I'll be ordering a copy later today. Looking forward to reading it.

Jetse de Vries said...


The original piece was almost 8K: the published one is trimmed down to 4200 words.

Murder your darlings, indeed...


Thanks! Any chance you're going to World Fantasy in Saratoga Springs in November (I assume you live in Boston). I will be attending.

Rob said...

I won't know for sure until closer to the date, but it is likely I will go. If I do, first beer is on me.