Thursday, March 29, 2007

Last Chance: Amityville House of Pancake Omnibus, Volume 1

Because it will be out of print in a couple of weeks. "But," the more publication-savvy among you might protest, "how can a POD book go out of print?"

Well, because one of its authors has sold her novella to another publisher, and the contract for AHOP was up, anyway.

Adrienne Jones (re-)sold Gypsies Stole My Tequila to Bedlam Press, where it will be released as a paperback and a limited edition hardcover. For more info, check Adrienne's LJ, where she spills the beans (and where you might congratulate her, if you, unlike me, have an LJ account. I already did so in other places).

And while I am, of course, a little bit jealous, I am very happy for Adrienne, as Gypsies Stole My Tequila is a heck of a novella. Well deserved.

Since I, together with Jack Mangan and JD Welles, have had the honour of sharing a ToC with her in AHOP 1, you could do worse than purchase a paper copy (or an electronic one) before it really is out of print. Together with the afore-mentioned, brilliant Gypsies Stole My Tequila (and yes, I've already begged her to send me a short story for Interzone, but apparantly she only likes them big) you get The Girl in B33, Dirk Moonfire and the Nefarious Space Women, and my own Cultural Clashes in Cádiz.

See it as an investment: it'll multiply in value the moment Adrienne Jones hits megastardom, replacing both J.K. Rowling and Stephen King. Oh well, maybe not quite, but she is very, very good (no guarantee for sales, alas), and you never know. Or Jack Mangan might hit the big time (his podcasts attract healthy numbers of downloads and comments). Maybe even I --

*pinches himself and wakes up to the cruel, cruel world*

-- where was I? In any case, you can check out reviews of AHOP 1 on Tangent Online, Barnes & Noble, or SFReader (and even customer reviews on Amazon).

Nefarious blurbage:

The story builds to a satisfying climax during Carnival, which in de Vries’s capable hands is perhaps as exciting and visually stimulating as the real thing.

(Douglas Hoffman on Tangent Online)

"Cultural Clashes in Cadiz" by de Vries is a time-travel adventure set in 13th-century Spain that pits a rogue time-traveler against the two trackers closing in on him. The story's conclusion -- where the traveler's reasons for illegally going back in time are finally revealed -- is as mind-blowing as it is brilliant.

(Paul Goat Allen on Barnes & Noble: how could they fire such an insightful reviewer?)

If you liked AHOP 1, there are also AHOP 2 (out of print already, although some dealers still have copies) and AHOP 3: check out the Creative Guy Publishing catalogue.

(And now I'm off to hypnotise some unwary editor into publishing Cultural Clashes in Cádiz...;-)


Anonymous said...

But I DO I DO I DO wanna sub a short! I have one about a killer cloud that I'm reworking, I'm just a lazy slackass. What's the email again?

A little neep told me you were talkin bout me. Have a nice weekend!


Jetse de Vries said...


Send it to me at . Or my (at)home(dot)nl email addy. I'll email you.

The little neep: is that the same neep that's supposedly disappeared into Second Life?

Have a great weekend, too!