Monday, April 9, 2007

Podcast Sale!

Of "Transcendence Express" to Escape Pod. I've only sold one story this year (so far), but it sold twice.

It originally appeared in HUB #2, which was in the EasterCon goodie bags, so all you Con attendees do read it! Unfortunately, news that HUB will stop as a print magazine, and will become a full online magazine just reached me. I wish the magazine all the best, and hope they thrive, although personally I do prefer the paper version.

Nevertheless, it'll be interesting to hear what Steve Eley and his people make of this one. I can hardly wait!

So it's been in print, in pdf format (available here) , and will be a podcast. Now it only needs to be turned into a movie...

(Can you notice that I've had a few beers...;-)


GLP said...

Congratulations on the double sale, Jetse. It was great to meet you in Chester.

Marlo said...

Congrats Jetse!

Although, now that you have been podcasted, Jack will be all over you to cough something up into the Deadpan. Hide! ;)

Jetse de Vries said...

Great to see you, too, Gareth! Hope you enjoyed it, although I thought that while the location -- Chester -- was quite OK, the Con itself was low action and low profile (which was more or less what I expected after the original EasterCon was canceled and this one had to be organised on the fly).



It's actually worse: Jack made a podcast of his IZ story "The Unsolvable Deathtrap" which we never put up. Hopefully on the new website.