Sunday, June 3, 2007

May email reading period update

The long-awaited update, people!

After a tremendous start (like, 52 submissions on the very first day), May 2007 delivered on its promise and broke records.

Total number of submissions: 499;
Total wordcount: about 2527900;
(Which brings it to about 5060 words per story on average.)

Number of male submitters: 329
Number of female submitters: 150
Meaning I'm not sure about the sex of 20 submitters (who only used letters for their first names, like J. Doe, or have a sex-ambiguous first name, and one who is deliberately ambiguous about it).

I've read somewhat over 200 of these stories so far (more responses to go out tonight), noting that my trip to Australia -- while very enjoyable -- slowed things down. This is unfortunate, but originally it was planned for April, so that I would start the email reading period refreshed. Then it got delayed by a month...

So bear with me while I go through the last 299 submissions.

1 comment:

JamieB said...

My keen mathematical mind tells me that these stats mean...that there were no stories with more than one [named] author. I'm tempted to start submitting under a shared byline just to add a touch of novelty to the proceedings :-)