Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nightlife Going Green

Nighttown -- a concert venue in Rotterdam that is now bankrupt -- will reopen as a high environmental-friendly club renamed Watt.

They're expanding the capacity to 1400 people, but more interesting are the sustainable aspects of the makeover:

  • Solar panels;

  • Windmills;
  • Rainwater used as flushing water for toilets;

  • A 'greenwall': a wall from which plants literally grow;

  • Energy-efficient LED lights;

  • An energy-generating dance floor;

I especially like the last one: it's a product developed by Sustainable Dance Club, a Rotterdam company. Here's an impression, and here's how it's supposed to work.

I have been to Nighttown quite a few times, and I do hope that when it reopens as 'Watt', that they will program a couple of bands I'd like to see, so I can check out the venue, as well. Planned reopening date is September 4 (typically, guitarist Mike Watt played in Nighttown back in April 3, 2005: almost exactly two years ago).

Anyway, this is one of those things that make me optimistic.


Steven Francis Murphy said...

A sustainable nightclub. That is interesting.

But do they recycle the beer?

Just kidding. I couldn't resist. It is actually a great idea, the sustainable nightclub.

Wish KC would get one.

S. F. Murphy

Luke said...

What effect do alcohol-laced vomit and used condoms have on the environment?

Alex said...

Dear Jetse,

just to let you know, the interview I did with you and Aliette will be podcast the weekend after next at

thanks again,

Jetse de Vries said...


Looking forward to it! And thanks for interviewing us.


These will, of course, be recycled (in ways we cannot -- or do not wish to -- perceive...;-)

Anonymous said...
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Luke said...

Hehe. Sorry to be gross.