Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Six times May 1, part 4

My essay on Blindsight -- the novel by Peter Watts -- is published in the May issue of the New York Review of Science Fiction. I haven't received the issue yet, but according to a friend accross the pond (Hi, David Rivera!) it has been released. Can't wait until it hits my doormat!

Quite happy with this publication, as it's the first time I actually set out to write a lengthy essay on a novel, and get it published.

Don't know if Peter Watts himself has seen it. If not, maybe I should email him a copy? We could -- if needed -- discuss it on his blog.


Peter Watts said...

Don't know if Peter Watts himself has seen it. If not, maybe I should email him a copy?

Please, would you? I've been interested at getting a look at that ever since you mentioned it during the whole 350-word debate. And it's got to be less grumpy than the piece John Clute put out in NYRSF a while back...

Jetse de Vries said...

Watch your email inbox.

Do keep in mind that I haven't received a copy of the May NYRoSF myself yet, so don't know how much -- if anything -- they edited it.

Also, I'd like to discuss it in public, but that would mean putting the piece up online, and I need to get in touch with the people of NYRoSF for that. I imagine they'd want exclusivity for the time the May issue is current, so hopefully I could put it up here (and you on your blog if you feel so inclined) in June.

Of course, we could discuss it in private, but that's not much fun for the rest of those interested...;-)

Thing is, I make points not only about the novel and the writing, but also veer off into the extrapolations it makes, and in that area much closer to actual science you will probably teach me a lesson.

But I love to learn, and have an open-minded discussion.