Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Six times May 1, part 6

Finally, today Interzone's email reading period of May has started. As if I wasn't busy enough already...;-).

Expect updates both on the Interzone forum and here.

A quick glimpse on gmail shows that already 46 submissions have come in, and the day isn't quite over yet...

Sheesh: the previous record was 42 submissions in a single day, and that was the first day of last September's email submission period. It's already been shattered.

On top of that, I will be out of the country from May 12 until May 28: giving a training in Hobart, Tasmania, while also using the opportunity to visit my sister in Melbourne. Actually, this was planned for the last two weeks of April -- after which I could attack the slushpile refreshed -- but the training got delayed.

So now I must read slush while roaming the coffeeshops, bars and restaurants of St. Kilda. Life is hard.

In any case, if you don't get my usual 'receive acknowledge' during May 12 -- May 28, then that's why. Curse your evil editor, and, while I'm at it, be warned: I will adopt Nick Mamatas's practice to put 'REJECTION' in the header of the email, as I agree that this saves a submitter some tension and grief.

You have been warned, although almost fifty of you have already submitted.

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