Sunday, September 16, 2007

Acceptances and Rejections

Coming in.

I'm (obviously) not telling which stories have been rejected. I do hope they will find a good home, as I think that every story I lift off the slushpile that I forward to my colleagues does merit publication. So good luck to those!

Over this weekend, we have decided to accept:

  • "Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast" by Eugie Foster (quite a mouthful, but the title is very appropriate);
  • "Ezekiel's Retreat" by Doug Texter.
Three rejections went out, as well (and two rejections from stories that I somehow overlooked: very sorry about that! So there were 501 rather than 499 stories in that May slushpile, if I counted correctly). Meaning there are still thirteen stories under consideration.

(And in the May gmail inbox -- which I now only check occassionally -- six invites to join Quechup from various submitters whose mailbox has been raided and used for a spam attack. I already know about this, so those people should not worry.)

We also accepted "I Love the Smell of the Lotus in the Morning" by Paul Evanby. His real name is Paul Evenblij, and he's a compatriot. As far as I know -- and I did glance Greg Egan's Interzone index -- Paul is the very first Dutchman to be published in Interzone. Congratulations to Paul, and while I knew, the moment I said yes when Andy Cox asked me to join Interzone more than four years ago, that I immediately lost my chances of being published in its acclaimed pages (we consider it not really ethical if a magazine publishes a story by one of its own editors), I still am a bit jealous.

(Well, what's the point of co-editing a magazine in which you wouldn't want to published yourself?)

More acceptances/rejections to come soonish, as the holiday period is almost over (OK: there is FantasyCon next weekend).