Monday, January 28, 2008

TTACon 9

Sorry about the short notice, but here comes, for the first time in over a year...

TTACon 9

Date: Saturday February 9, from early afternoon onwards;

Place: London

Venue: Filthy McNasty

Adress: 68 Amwell Street,, London,, EC1R 1UU (copy & paste this in Google Maps, or -- as described by Dave Matthew):

It's about ten minutes from Kings Cross on foot. (Leave the station, turn left, keep walking up the hill, turn right when you see the tapas bar on the other side of the road).

Special Guests: Ellen Datlow, Pat Cadigan, John & Judith Clute;

Also attending: a variety of people from Interzone & Black Static.

Beers on tap: Guinness, Hoegaarden, Red Stripe, Adnams and a large variety of whisky... Mr. GreenMr. Green

Saturday, January 26, 2008

November Email Submissions

I should have posted this two weeks back, but forgot in all the maelstrom of other things demanding my attention:

I sent out responses to all submissions of the November email reading period by January 14. If you haven't received either a rejection or a hold, then do query me, as either something got lost, or your story fell through the cracks.

I also still keep getting mail daemon delivery failures for two people: Bruce Golden and Rick Norwood. Please contact me at Jetse (dot) deVries (at) gmail (dot) com, as my replies are not reaching you.

Whittling down the last 30 to a final 15 for my colleagues right now.