Friday, September 19, 2008

Pushing Daisies and Pushing Numbers

In which your innocent SF fan is approached by somebody from a marketing agency to take a look at two Pushing Daisies sneak peaks, and blog about it.

Thing is, I don't watch TV (only when I'm in other people's homes, or in airports, or in bars -- normally only in the US, but this big-flatscreens-in-pubs trend is, unfortunately, spreading across the Atlantic, as well), so I'm not really the person to comment on this.

Nevertheless, for those that are interested (like Adam Rakunas, who obviously liked the first season, halfway broken off because of the screenwriters' strike, quite a bit), I'll post these sneak peaks below:

1): Bzzzz!

2): Scream!

Another reason for posting this is that modern marketing techniques greatly interest me. As Centric's overview (warning: 1.21 MB PDF file) notices on it's fifth page:
Today social media drives as much traffic to websites as search engines
And now I feel like a little link in this brave, new, all-electronic promotion network. Jason Stoddard has blogged about (internet) promotion for writers, small and big (SF) publishers with much more knowledge, and I follow that with great interest (and with future projects in mind).

Hopefully more soon...