Saturday, March 31, 2007

Interdimensional Intrusions


--Centric has been invaded by an alien planet!--

In a strange environment, even stranger things are happening! Curiouser and curiouser. Reality, fiction, virtuality, and metafiction are overlapping: A company previously known as Oversight, but soon to be revealed as Winfinity (in what is supposedly a fictional essay called "Far Horizon" to be published here), has dumped an entire alien planet into the 'unsuspecting' Centric office in Second Life.

Apart from evoking some surprising new office dynamics -- and let me tell you that those were already quite lateral in the first place -- the people/simulacra/Turing interfaces/I-pointers/usurping self-promoters* have offered a reward for tracing this problem.

Search the snark, but beware: they might be dragons.

Centric accepts no responsibility for those boldly going where only fools rush in, and please sign these release forms where the small print is nano-engraved in a thousand angelic scripts dancing on the atomic head of a molecular pin, you know, to save memory space. Just read it after you've completed the assignement, or not...

You have been informed/warned/warmed up*.

* = delete as appropriate, although some philosophers/ubergeeks/potheads/drunks* have suggested that they might be a superpostion of all of the above.

Update: UH, WHAT? The plot thickens...


Adam Rakunas said...

And don't forget: this new environment is hostile. You won't believe how many interns we've already lost to the plant life.

Jetse de Vries said...

Ah: this means there are now job openings at Centric? Or only at Winfinity?