Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Six times May 1, part 5

Today my story "Qubit Conflicts" sees the light of day on Clarkesworld Magazine.


So check it out -- it's a mere 2100 words -- and do feel free to comment on it here, on the Clarkesworld Magazine forum, or on Nick's LJ. Do speak up, even if (or especially if) you think it's full of shit.

Thanks to Pete Tennant for proofreading it, Neil Clarke for publishing it, and Nick Mamatas for lifting it from his slushpile, and working with me on it. I love the nifty artwork by Sieg.

Now I need to wait six months before I can try Nick again...


Anonymous said...

Wow. Fantastic story, Jetse. *Loved* the ending.

Paul Tremblay

GLP said...

Hi Jetse. I REALLY liked this story. It reminded me of Olaf Stapleton. And I loved the final Haiku. Congratulations.

Jetse de Vries said...

Thanks guys, your comments are appreciated.

Now I've got to steal some time to read "there's No Light Between Floors".