Saturday, October 4, 2008

Life on Mars Preview

For those few SF aficionados not in the know, a primer:

For the fans, a preview:

The difference between the primer and the preview? Minimal, I'd say.

More emotionally effective is the "Sent to the 70s" preview, I think:

Will it be as good as the original, English version? io9 is cautiously optimistic.

Anyway, don't both the original and the ABC version own a lot to The Singing Detective?


Adam Rakunas said...

I ain't holding my breath. The only bright point is that David E. Kelly is no longer running the American version.

Anonymous said...

Sad that you think that. I think this show is going to be great and it will outshine the UK version. Life On Mars should be watched by all.

Anonymous said...

Harvey Keitel makes this watchable.